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Love CardsLove Cards
Love Cards

Love Cards is a sexy little game where there are no winners or losers: chance dictates your movements, but you make the rules.

It is very easy to play: pick a card and reveal an action that you have to carry out on part of your partner’s body.

Each colour corresponds to a different level: blue for shy, green for sexy, red for hot.
It is up to you to raise the temperature by choosing the right colour at the right time!


The game provides at least thirty body parts and twenty actions, which all adds up to more than 600 possibilities for fun.

If that is not enough, just let your imagination run wild!
Personalise your cards as you see fit:

  • add / remove actions
  • add / remove parts of the body
  • deactivate certain combinations (actions / parts of the body)
  • adjust the level of each card
  • and much more

In short, you can make the game whatever you want it to be:

  • shy, sexy, or hot contents
  • heterosexual or homosexual couple
  • actions with or without accessories
  • eating actions
Love Cards
Love Cards

Love Cards

Version 1.0
Available on the AppStore



French, English, German


Compatible with iPhone,
iPod touch and iPad

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